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About us

Who are we: 

Redeemed City is a group of broken people who have been put back together by the grace of God. Though all of our journeys are different, our paths have been aligned to fulfill the ultimate call of Christ. We are called to rescue, restore, redeem people and the land for such a time as this.

Core Values:

Redeeming People

We believe in the redemptive work of Christ on the cross. This is why we are here! Though we were once were rejected, we have been accepted, and restored to son ship by the blood of Jesus Christ. 


Culture of the Supernatural

God is still delivering and healing. It is The Father’s will to show up every time we meet. We have abandoned the traditional worship style, and have chosen to cultivate an atmosphere where the manifestation of his presence is always welcome.



We are generous. Our best example of generosity is John 3:16. As our Father God generously gave us his best, we are generous in all areas. We are generous with our time, talents, and finances, knowing that one who blesses others is abundantly blessed.

We know this is not just a “church” principle, we live in such a way that generosity is seen in every area of our lives.


House of Prayer

We are a house of prayer. Our foundation is built upon prayer. Not only do we pray on Sundays, but we pray without ceasing. Abandonment to prayer is a non-negotiable key for acceleration and breakthrough in our gatherings, homes, neighborhoods, and cities.


Culture of Honor

We promote the value that God has placed in others. We believe where there is honor, people flourish. We will not withhold praise. We encourage a culture that looks for the great things God has placed in all of us. We honor the pastors, ushers, janitors, children, men, women, we honor up and down all around.


We believe in nurturing the family. We believe that strong families equal strong churches. Family is our first ministry. We train our children to love God and serve him with all of our heart. We show them how to live in integrity through the word and actions. We commit to fostering a Christ centered family environment not just at church; we consistently exemplify the character of Christ in all areas. Family is revival and is where it all starts. 


our pastors:
Preston & Becky Jones

Preston Jones is a dynamic preacher, and prophetic worshipper with a heart for this generation. He has traveled extensively through out the Pacific Northwest, preaching, singing, and teaching the word of God. He was raised in Tacoma, WA in the Pentecostal church, which is where his love of music, and the word of God was developed. At the age of 17, Preston accepted the call to preach the gospel. In 2002, He met the love of his life, Becky Jones. Since then, Preston and Becky have been ministering together. Preston is known throughout this region for prophetic worship and his unique ability to communicate the word of God.


Becky is a prophetic voice, bringing restoration and reformation to the body of Christ. Becky has a passion for prayer, leading teams in intercession and raising people in the prophetic.  She has a passion to see all sons and daughters to come into the fullness of who God has designed them to be. God called Becky to gather women in the pacific northwest to commission them into what God has called them to do in the Earth. Warrior Women conferences reaches over 600 women. 


In 2017, Preston, Becky, and 4 others launched Redeemed City Church in their cross -training gym. Since then, they have committed to rescuing restoring people, bringing reformation and redeeming the land. The Joneses have 3 boys, (Moses, Micah, and Levi) and 1 girl (Ayla Joy). All who are serving in the church. Pastors Preston and Becky also host an online prayer meeting which reaches across the globe. They love investing in people, teaching them to wait on God, and realizing their untapped potential through the power of Jesus Christ.

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