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FB live prayer/worship

FB Live sessions in the prayer room

we love entertaining his presence.


🔥The Prayer Room is about bringing the presence of God into every home. Listeners will be stirred to pray every day, not just on Sundays.

1 Thessalonians says to pray without ceasing. You will hear teaching on how to activate the keys of intercession in spiritual warfare through the vehicles of prayer, prophetic declaration, and unrelenting faith. Learn how to pray effectively to transform your home, neighborhoods, your job, and your city. If you can feel the importance of having a personal prayer life in these times and seasons we are facing as a nation, this podcast is for you. We believe prayer creates change and unlocks doors no man can open. Hosts Preston and Becky Jones are calling out men and women of God to join us in the prayer room to unite as one in prayer to bring healing and transformation to our land.


👉Go and subscribe to all of the platforms today. We want to reach and teach people the power of the prayer room. Calling out to all the seekers, abiders, prayer warriors and those who hungry for more of him. Here are the links below and share away for us.


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